General contracting

Our team has several years of professional experience, and their training fully complies with the regulations of the European Union. We ensure their continuous professional development. We take full financial and ethical responsibility for the work of our employees. Their attire and technical equipment are always tailored to the specific task and the requirements of our clients. Ép-Enteriőr Ltd. holds the necessary permits and liability insurance as required by current legislation. In our activities, we always prioritize reliability and quality, meeting the dual requirement of our clients.

Surface Finishing

Purity painting, colour wall painting

The essence of cleaning painting is to achieve a colored surface with less painting work than usual. Over time, the surfaces of walls inevitably require refurbishment. Edges may chip in some places, fingerprints may be visible around switches, and colors may fade. In such cases, cleaning painting offers a perfect solution.

Colorful painting: We assist in selecting the appropriate colors using the RAL and NCS color palette to ensure harmony with the space and furniture appearance.

As with any renovation work, we use protective film as a preventive measure. Before starting the work, we examine how well the first layer of paint adheres to the underlying plaster to determine the type of base we will be painting on. Cracks, unevenness, and any existing flaws or old hole marks on the walls are addressed first by applying filler. If the surface has not been painted before, we apply filler to achieve a smooth surface. The filling process is carried out in two to three layers, with the required drying time between each layer.

There are various ways to categorize wallpapers based on their application, material, and manufacturing process. Different types of wallpapers can be used for their colors and patterns, as they represent the essence of wallpaper and create a mood-setting effect. In addition to color, the size, density, and direction of patterns on the wallpaper are also important. Dark-toned large-scale patterns can make the wall surface appear smaller and change its proportions. On the other hand, small-sized light-colored patterns optically enlarge the space. Vertical stripes narrow the room and increase its height, while horizontal striping makes the room appear lower and wider. Applying discreet horizontal emphasis in the lower third of the wall surface can provide a sense of tranquility and width to the room. With a simple wall, it is possible to create uniqueness by using decorative painting or applying a decorative strip (wallpaper). Creativity plays a significant role in the execution of these ideas.
Wall decoration
A wide range of wall decoration ideas, also known as wall adornments, are available. To achieve a new and stylish design for the walls in your office, you only need imagination, a few ideas, and a selection of wall coverings. When planning, it is worth considering how you envision the decor in order to make your office decorative and aesthetic. Based on this, it is advisable to design the interior spaces accordingly. There is a multitude of custom-designed motifs, with or without templates, that can add color to our lives, add style to our surroundings, and align with our chosen aesthetic. If desired, we also offer custom-designed wall decorations and execute them for our clients.

Dry construction

Construction of Wall and Ceiling Structures
The drywall specialist greatly contributes to the final appearance of the interior spaces, the usability of individual rooms, and the creation of a pleasant atmosphere for occupants. Our task is to divide the space enclosed by load-bearing structures into smaller units (rooms, chambers) according to the plans, by constructing internal walls, partition walls, and wall coverings. Gypsum board cladding is widely used in interior spaces, whether for fitting built-in furniture, concealing elements, or creating suspended ceilings or raised floors for cost-saving purposes. It is particularly useful for fully cladding attic spaces and creating retrofitted room dividers. Our specialist uses the tools of drywall construction to conceal unwanted mechanical and structural elements, and can also create furniture and shelves as needed. We can also partner with you for complete painting or planned wall decoration projects if desired.

Glass wall system

Installation of a glass wall system
Glass partition systems are commonly used in modern office design methods. By utilizing these systems, workplaces can be relatively separated while maintaining necessary work contacts among employees, as transparency is a crucial principle in efficient office layouts. The use of glass allows for the creation of bright spaces. Glass partition systems enable rapid communication, create unique spatial structures, and enhance productivity. If desired, we can design enclosed spaces that provide privacy from prying eyes by applying decorative film.
Frosting of glass walls and glass doors

Decorative film is the most suitable interior application for meeting the growing demands of modern interior design. The homogeneous matte white shade, which allows almost the entire visible light to pass through, is one of the most popular materials. By using it, you can create bright spaces that are shielded from prying eyes. When combined with a wide range of colored films, the possibilities for its usage are limited only by imagination.

Shutters and accessories

We execute products made exclusively from high-quality materials, providing long-term solutions for our valued customers. The materials used for windows can be wood, plastic, metal (steel or aluminum), or a combination of these. Flawless functionality and fulfilling their intended purpose are essential for our well-being. Our experts assist in bringing your ideas to life starting from the design phase. We tailor our offer to meet the individual needs of each customer. Whether it’s windows or doors, we provide comprehensive services from installation to post-work. Complete execution, including the removal of debris and waste materials, is part of our service based on the specific requirements of the order. Choose what you need, and leave the rest to us:
  • Windows (casement, double-hung, fixed, etc.),
  • Doors (balcony, entrance).
Accessories (relux, blinds, strip curtains, mosquito nets)

We tailor the accessories (blinds, roller shutters, vertical blinds, insect screens) to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit with your windows and doors, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.


1. Roller shutters: Made of plastic or aluminum, available in external or top casing options.

2. Venetian blinds: Aluminum slats, available in normal traditional (with cable) or glass rod (weight-locking) designs, suitable for regular windows and even skylights.

3. Vertical blinds: Offered in a wide range of materials and color options.

4. Insect screens: Available in fixed or retractable versions, either integrated into roller shutters or installed separately.

5. Window film application: We also provide window film installation services for your windows and doors.

Our goal is to customize the accessories according to your preferences, ensuring a seamless integration with your windows and doors, resulting in perfect harmony and unity.

Security and information technology

Alarm systems, camera equipment

It is advisable to connect alarm systems to a remote monitoring system because in case of an alarm, the authorities can be immediately notified. If the system is installed without remote monitoring, the alarm sound alone can only deter intruders.

We recommend the installation of camera systems even for residential properties, but it is sufficient to have cameras monitoring the garden and entrances. The installation of cameras in interior spaces is not significant.

For businesses, we also encourage the use of indoor cameras. The combination of alarm systems and camera systems provides an appropriate security solution.

In the case of larger companies with a high number of employees, there is a great need for access control systems as well. For such clients, in addition to alarm systems and camera systems, we recommend the installation of access control gates.

Installation of alarm and camera systems

If you want to equip your home or office with an efficiently functioning security system, contact us, and we will handle everything from design and installation to necessary maintenance work.

In every case, it is essential for us to inspect the premises in order to plan how the alarm or camera system should be implemented. Following this, we will provide you with a price quote.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Air conditioning

Enjoy a comfortable temperature and cleanliness both at home and in your office. Our experts handle the installation of air conditioning systems with the utmost care, starting from protecting the furniture indoors, carrying out professional work, all the way to cleaning after the completion of the installation.

Proper commissioning of the air conditioning system is essential for its long lifespan and flawless operation.

Air conditioning installation requires not only expertise but also excellent tools, experience in this field, and diligent workmanship.


Ventilation is one of the best ways to get fresh air in enclosed spaces. In large office buildings, car parks under shopping centres, restaurants and cafés, air handling systems play a very important role. Air handling is about the continuous exchange of air, using air handling units to maintain air quality.
Our company has experience in the field of air handling.

Electrical installation

Electrical installation requires specialized expertise, which is why it is crucial to choose a reliable and skilled electrician. All electrical works should be durable and long-lasting.
  • A site survey is necessary for preparing an accurate price quote.
  • Adherence to deadlines is essential.
  • Clean workmanship is guaranteed.
  • Material procurement and delivery are handled.
Hight power
We specialize in performing new installations, renovations, conversions, and repairs. Our work is carried out taking into account plans and individual requirements. By using high-quality materials and delivering excellent craftsmanship, we ensure the establishment of a reliable electrical network. Our projects are completed on schedule using modern equipment, tools, and quality materials commonly used in the construction industry.
Low current
We offer comprehensive installation and renovation services for low-voltage networks. The basic installation of low-voltage networks is carried out during the construction of the high-voltage network, whenever feasible. The cabling and installation of low-voltage systems are done in-house, with the involvement of subcontractors if necessary.
  • Intercom systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Antenna network installation
  • Creation of acoustic networks
  • Telephone network installation
  • Computer network installation

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