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Preparation is the key before all work. As before any renovation work, including painting we use covering foil to prevent any damage to the surfaces. Before we start working we have to check if the first layer of paint is well tied to the plaster base to determine upon what kind of basis we have to paint the wall cracks, misalignments or any other errors and hole will be removed by plastering. If the surface was not painted before, the first session is the plastering of the wall untill the necessary surface smoothness is achieved. Two or three coats of plaster work are carried out in compliance with the required drying time between coats.

the concept of the clean-painting is that we reach with the purity of the painting with much less work. The surfaces of the walls involuntarily need to be renovated. The paint bounce off the edges, fingerprints start to show up around the switches and the initial color starts to ware off over time. Purity painting is the perfect solution for that.

Colored painting: We help you to choose the right colors from the RAL and NCS color palettes to be in harmony with the space and the furniture appearance.


According to the applying method and the material several groups of wallpapering exist. Different types of wallpapers can be applied in colors and patterns, since it is the essence of the wallpaper, the mood-creating effects represent. 

Along the color, the size, density and the line direction of the patterns is also very important on the wallpaper.

As a result of the darkened, large scaled patterns the walls look smaller and the proportions are changing. The small, bright color patterns, however, optically enlarged the space. The narrow vertical strips tightens the room and increase the height. Conversely the effect of the horizontal bar design makes the room appear wider and lower. The discrete horizontal line in the lower third of the wall at the same time gives peace to the mind and widen of the room.

We can customize a simple wall with a decorative glued stripe (wallpaper) or painting. The ingenuity is very important at the implementation.


Wide range of wall decoration is available. For developing your home or office’s new wall decoration you only need a few ideas, imagination and a nice range of coverings to choose from. To form your home or office decorative it is worth to think through what kind of decororation is in our imagination, and establish the interior according to that.
An individually designed pattern or multitudes of patterns can color our life and make the environment stylish as well as adjusted to our design.
Upon request we design and implement individual wall decoration too for our customers.