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Floor coating is none other than the placement of materials (carpet, vinyl, laminate floor, parquet, floor paneling) in a dry environment.

If you need a reliable, accurate and affordable professional for covering works, this is the right place. We guarantee quality for our works.

Our floor coating professionals are qualified to do special or heavy duty works (such as offices, retail places, warehouses and apartments). Let us do the preparation and you will not be disappointed.

If required, we help complete the conversion and renovation construction, ask us for a quote!

Existing coatings workings: 

  • Parquet, flooring sanding, lacquering 
  • Carpet, PVC repaire
  • Parquet, flooring, carpet flooring, PVC borders, 

Laying new flooring: 

  • Parquet and wooden flooring professionally installed, grinding, lacquering 
  • Laminate flooring, parquet laying 
  • Carpeting taping 
  • Gluing PVC jackets


Our tiling professionals have experience in simple patterns and designed forms too.
Hideg Burkoló szakemberink az egyszerű burkolástól a megtervezett minták kialakításában is tapasztalattal rendelkeznek. All you have to do is choose the cover material (tile, stone).We produce glass brick and drywall dividers too, the recent one with a tiled or wooden paneling coating also. Moreover if necessary, we help to complete the conversion and renovation of constructions, consultation with other professions if necessary so that the final result to be perfect.

  • Masonry work, plastering
  • Bath and sink installation
  • Plumbing or reparations after plumbing works.