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Planning, implementation

Full-scale implementation, which is part of our service for our customers.

Based on the implementation plans for the construction project-design we prefer the general construction. Therefore we carrie out from concept design through the authorization until the construction a high-level, structured, well functioning network.


Complete construction of office interiors, public nd private institutions, which includes the internal architecture - renovation - conversion. Primary aspect is the design of the interior which mediate elegance and spectacular aesthetic harmony through the design and settlement of the interior makers, furnitures and accessories. In addition to the interior implementation, the surface works, style, materials, shapes, colors, lights and also the contrasts create a new form world into the environment.

Gives a new look to the places. 

In this way we design a personalized home or office to you.

A well working connection

Based on the regular consultation with You, we will design the most optimal environment that you dreamed of. From the plans formed during the regular consultations, we will prepare a vision-plan so you can see the design at any stage of our vision. 

Our commitment is the long-term good relationship, responsibility and guarantee for the the carried out work. 

Our goal is to fulfill the carried out work in time, required by the customer.

Quotation requests for general or specific profjects can be sent to us without the attached documents.