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Complete construction of office interiors, public nd private institutions, which includes the internal architecture - renovation - conversion. Primary aspect is the design of the interior which mediate elegance and spectacular aesthetic harmony through the design and settlement of the interior makers, furnitures and accessories. In addition to the interior implementation, the surface works, style, materials, shapes, colors, lights and also the contrasts create a new form world into the environment. 

Gives a new look to the places. 

In this way we design a personalized home or office to you. 


Ép-Enteriőr Kft is a Hungarian-owned firm dealing with general construction and interior design

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2310 Szigetszentmiklós,
Kinizsi u. 46.


1211 Budapest,
Varrógépgyár u. 8-10.

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+36 70 395 4322