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Ép-Enteriőr Kft is a Hungarian-owned firm dealing with general construction and interior design which started operating in 2011 and continued under the name of Ép-Enteriőr from 2012 to fulfillthe most extreme demands by our customers and to develop a general organization form for greater satisfaction. The firms definite purpose is a long-term profitable cooperation for both sides for which the first-class service is the guarantee. Therefore in the course of the firms activity we have set a goal to provide complex and quality solutions for construction, renovation and conversion and also for maintanance.

The owners of Ép-Enteriőr see this service as a very important mission in their life for which is offered in the spirit of guarantee and quality, relying on the years of experience our colleagues have.

A few of our main profiles:

  • Construction project management
  • Building operations and maintenance
  • General construction
  • Interior construction, renovation, reconstruction

Surface finishing (painting, wallpapering, wall decoration)
Insulation (thermal and sound proofing, waterproofing)
Revetmen (cold coating, floor coating)
Dry construction (wall and ceiling structure construction)
Plastering works (Bricklaying work, Concrete work, plastering)
Glass wall system construction
Personalized office design and implementation
Carpentry works

Our main profile is interior designing but due to the frequent orders from our partners toward other kind of expectations we have expanded our services: 

  • Electrical works
  • Water, gas and heating works
  • Air conditioning
  • Safety technology
  • Cleaning services

We formed our services in respect to the customers individual demands and characteristic. The prices are formed in each case in consultation with the partners accordingly. Our team have many years of experience and their training is fully compliant with the European Unions regulations and we also ensure their continuous professional development. We take full financial and moral responsibility for our colleagues work, their appearance and technical equipment will always adjusted to the current task and our clients request. Ép-Enteriőr ownes the licenses and liability insurance required by existing legislation of Hungary. Through our work activities we always keep in mind the double standards of reliability and quality. We hope that our introduction has attracted your interest and we might get an opportunity to introduce ourselves personally. 
Best regards,

Tamás Szabó
General Manager
Phone: +36 70/ 395 4322


Ép-Enteriőr Kft is a Hungarian-owned firm dealing with general construction and interior design

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2310 Szigetszentmiklós,
Kinizsi u. 46.


1211 Budapest,
Varrógépgyár u. 8-10.

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+36 70 395 4322